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Hello and welcome to this website dedicated to snow blowers and snow throwers. Thank you for visiting.

Here you will find valuable information on these functional machines plus lots of practical tips, which will help you in choosing the right model and using it correctly. My reason for the creation of this website is simple and totally altruistic – I decided to help fellow buyers and users like myself.

I am Dave Reeds and I have considerable experience in using snow blowers. In fact, I have been using various models for over 15 years now. I use them to clean the driveways and walkways on my hotel property in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada. I own and run a small family hotel and I have to admit that I find these machines to be invaluable.

I have to admit that I am a traditionalist in virtually every respect. I am not a huge fan of technology so for many years I used to rely on the good old snow shovel until one day my back got strained and I had to keep the bed for weeks. Once I got better, I drove to the nearest store which was selling snow blowers and brought one. I was skeptical at first even though I liked the price tag. The machine was more than affordable and it actually demonstrated an excellent performance. I could clean the snow from the long and wide driveway and from the walkways around the hotel in minutes. Steering and control and maintenance were a breeze. This is how I became a fan of snow blowers.

The purpose of this website is to help people discover how a snow blower or a snow thrower can improve their life. It has many more practical aspects, of course. I have done reviews on all of the best selling models in the market at present. You can readily use these reviews to compare the machines.

I have also provided detailed information on and comparison of the different kinds of snow blowers. I have included a buying guide so that you can make the right buying decision easily and quickly. Do not miss to read the tips for maintenance and effective use of the machines as they are quite important. All of the information and advice provided on this website come from me, personally. They are based on my personal experience and knowledge.

Why am I helping fellow buyers and users with this website? I know how hard it is to have to use a snow shovel to remove heavy snow every day so I thought it would be a good idea to present a more modern and a more efficient alternative. I understand that a snow blower requires a considerable investment and that not all of the products available in the market offer quality and performance corresponding to the asked price.

I decided that I have the knowledge to help others make the best choice and be happy about it. There are small tricks for using a snow blower effectively and I decided to share them to make the job even easier for everyone. If you were me, wouldn’t you do the same?

I do not generate any direct income from providing these reviews, guides and articles. I am not affiliated to any of the companies making snow blowers and snow throwers. I have provided all the reviews, information and advice on this website sincerely.

Use my help to buy the best snow blower or snow thrower and make the most out if it.

Happy reading!

Dave Reeds

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