Feb 14

Best Snow Blower – 5 Questions to Help You Pick the Best Snow Blower for You

If you go over the descriptions of different snow blowers, you will see that every product claims to be the best one. It is natural for people to be impressed by models which are powerful, ones which are maintenance-free, ones which are green and ones which can handle all kinds of tough challenges. However, the best snow blower for one person can be a poor choice for another. It all depends on your individual needs, requirements and preferences.

Best Snow Blower

I have come up with this simple quiz to help you make the best choice. Take a look at the following questions and provide honest answers to find the best snow blower for you. You will also find some useful guidelines and tips which will assist you in your quest for finding the ideal machine.

1. How much snow do you get in your area?

Try to remember how much snow you got last years and how frequent and how heavy the snowfall was. Ask yourself how much time and effort it took you to remove the snow with the good old shovel or an old snow blower. If you want to be meticulous, you can look at the statistical data on the snow fall in your area. Consider all of these factors when choosing the best snow blower for you.

If you live in an area with less frequent snowfalls which are mild to moderate, you can readily go for a less powerful single stage machine. It will do a good job. Its compact size, the easy steering and the lower operational costs will certainly make it the best snow blower for you. If you live in an area with a frequent heavy snowfall, you should consider a powerful two-stage machine with a deep cleaning path. It will allow you to remove lots of snow in a fairly short period of time.

2. How large is the area that you want to clean from the snow?

It is a good idea to use numbers when answering this question. That way, you will know exactly what kind of capacity to look for. Consider all the areas on your property that need cleaning such as driveways, walkways, patios, decks and porches. Calculate the area of each one using its length and width. Then add all parts together to get the total area.

The larger the area is the more powerful the best snow blower for you would be. Experts recommend that you get a powerful two-stage machine if you have a driveway which is longer than 40 feet. Remember to look at the cleaning paths of the machines that you are considering as well. The wider the cleaning path is the more efficient the machine will be in removing the snow. You would certainly want to do the job in the shortest possible period of time.

3. Are you ready to provide regular maintenance and care?

The snow blowers with a gas engine require regular oil additions and changes and refueling. The spark plug has to be changed seasonally as well. The cleaning of the engine requires effort and skills. You have to be prepared to provide considerable maintenance if you want to use a machine with a gas engine. If you are not into machines and DIY work, the best snow blower for you would have an electric motor. The electric motors require no maintenance whatsoever. Just keep in mind that the electric machines are less powerful and have smaller cleaning path compared to their counterparts with gas engine.

4. What kinds of surfaces do you want to clean?

If you have plat paved surfaces which require cleaning on your property, you can go for any type of machine. However, if you want to clean unpaved surfaces, you should consider a two-stage snow blower. The two-stage machines have driven wheels which propel the machine into the desired direction. Their auger does not touch the ground and hence cannot pick up small pieces of gravel and stones to be blown out of the chute. Basically, the two-stage machine is not only the best snow blower in this case. It is the safest as well. Similarly, a two-stage machine will be able to climb and clean sloped surfaces with large accumulations of snow.

5. How much are you prepared to spend?

You should certainly set up a budget, but it should not be the leading factor when choosing a snow blower. Look for a model which meets your requirements fully. It should offer the best value for your money. Poor quality always costs more.

Now you know how to find the best snow blower for you.

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