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5 Best Rated Snow Blowers

Are you fully equipped for cleaning the snow off your property’s pathways this winter? If your answer is “no”, you should definitely take a look at the top rated snow blowers which you can buy right now. Consider the top five models which I have picked based on my reviews and overall experience. You will certainly find a machine which matches your requirements and budget. Go over these top options to make the best choice.

Best Snow Blowers

Snow Joe iON18SB Ion

Snow Joe iON18SBThis cordless machine is one of the most advanced electric snow blowers which you can find right now. It weighs just 32 pounds and has no wires to get in the way. It is equipped with 40-volt lithium-ion battery system based on the innovative EcoSharp technology. This gives the machine 50 minutes of cordless operation. It is super quiet. You will never have to worry about waking up your family and your neighbors early in the morning. It is totally green too as it has zero carbon emissions. The unit is virtually maintenance-free as well. You will never have to worry about adding fuel and oil. You simply need to push a button and the machine will begin working.

The most important thing of all is that Snow Joe iON18SB Ion does its job superbly in every respect. It has a powerful motor and strong steel auger. Its clearing path is 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep. It can remove as much as 495 pounds of snow per minute. This is more than impressive for such a compact machine. The snow is thrown through the chute to a distance of up to 20 feet. Given the capabilities of the model, it will certainly allow you to clean the pathways around your house with a single battery charge.

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Greenworks 26032

Greenworks 26032 Snow BlowerThis corded electric snow thrower is a top performer in its class. It uses a powerful 12 amp motor and has no gas emissions. It has a larger cleaning path compared to the majority of its counterparts. It can clean a section of 20 inches on a single pass. It can handle snow which is up to 10 inches deep perfectly. The snow is discharged at a distance of 20 feet. You will save a good amount of time and effort when using this machine and the pathways in your yard will be perfectly clean to use.

You will discover that Greenworks 26032 is not only an excellent performer. It is a joy to use. It is easy to adjust the chute’s direction within a range of 180 degrees remotely with the convenient handle. The ergonomic handle bar has rubber grip to give you perfect control over the machine and comfort as well. The 6-inch wheels are perfectly reliable. With its weight of 37 pounds, this machine is quite easy to operate. The cord lock system ensures that the electric cable will never disrupt the operation of the unit. You can do the job quickly, safely and with complete confidence in the end result.

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Murray 1695885 800 Snow Series

Murray 1695885 Gas Powered Single Stage Snow ThrowerThis single-stage gas snow blower can handle even the toughest of challenges which can occur during the winter. It is more powerful than its electric counterparts. At the same time, it is more compact compared to its two-stage rivals. It is equipped with a 4-cycle OHV engine with 250 cc displacement from Briggs & Stratton. The engine produce torque of 8 feet per pound. As a result, the machine offers the perfect balance between power, quietness and clean operation. It has a clearing path which is 22 inches wide and 12.5 inches deep.

The electric start is one of the most fascinating features of Murray 1695885. You simply need to push the start button and the engine will begin to work. There is no mess or waiting time. The chute discharges snow at a distance of 25 feet. It rotates to 220 degrees to give you maximum flexibility. The deflector is easy to adjust as well. You can expect to do an excellent job quite quickly when you use this machine even if there are some challenges in front of you.

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Power Smart DB7651

Power Smart DB7651This is my top pick in the range of two-stage snow blowers. The first thing which captures your attention when you look at it is the massive 12-inch auger. It is made entirely from steel and has saw-like design. This is definitely a machine which can handle deep and heavy snow with ease. The auger is powered by a LCT overhead valve engine with 208 cc displacement. The engine powers the wheels as well so you do not have to use any particular effort to operate the unit even if there is serious snow fall in your area.

The performance of Power Smart DB7651 is absolutely superb in every respect. It has clearing width of 24 inches. Its clearing depth is 21 inches. You will be able to clean even large areas with fewer passes given the high efficiency of the machine. The chute can be rotated remotely within a range of 180 degrees. This will save you a good amount of time and effort. The cleared snow is discharged powerfully to a great distance. The big machine is actually easy to operate. The electric start eliminates the hassle associated with starting the engine on a cold winter morning. You simply need to push the button and the machine will begin to work. You can select from four forward and two reverse gears. The snow blower can be used even on hilly terrains and for clearing pathways covered with gravel.

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Toro 38361 Power Shovel

Toro Power Shovel 38361 Electric Snow ThrowerIf you want something simple to remove snow from the driveway, one or two pathways and the patio deck, you should definitely consider this machine. It is user friendly and budget friendly too. Toro 38361 has a design which is similar to that of a traditional snow shovel. The difference is that you do not have to use any effort to remove the snow. The electric snow blower will do it for you. It is powered by a 7.5 Amp motor. On a single pass, it clears a path which is 20 inches wide. The shovel’s clearing depth is 6 inches. It is capable of removing up to 300 pounds of snow per minute.

It has been estimated that by using this unique snow thrower, you can clear a pathway measuring 50 by 20 feet in less than twenty minutes. It will save you a great amount of time and effort. Generally, you will find the Toro 38361 Power Shovel to be super convenient to use. You can adjust the position of the ergonomic handle so that it is just perfect for you. The system for locking the electric cord works flawlessly. You can be certain that the cable will never get in the way while you are removing the snow.

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Now you have plenty of information to decide on the right snow blower for you. I personally recommend getting a machine well before the start of the winter season so that you are completely prepared for what may come. Make up your mind, get the unit which you have chosen and set it up for use. In this way, you will have complete peace of mind when the first snow comes.

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