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Electric Snow Blower – 7 Key Things to Know about the Electric Snow Blower

Both you and I know people who make decisions based on their intuition. They would just go to an online store or a traditional one and buy the first electric snow blower that they come across. This method typical for gamblers may work in some cases, but it is associated with a huge risk which you can avoid. If you go shopping prepared, you increase your chances of finding the best product to nearly 100 per cent.

The preparation does not involve earning a degree in mechanical or electric engineering. It involves reading a short yet detailed guide which is clear and easy to understand. Learn the main things which you need to know about the electric snow blower and use this information to make the best decision as a buyer.

Electric Snow Blower

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1. Size 

The typical electric snow blower is fairly compact and light. It is comparable to an average lawn mower. You can readily go for a model which weighs around 25 pounds and measures approximately 37 by 18 by 47 inches. The compact size brings a lot of benefits including easier use and storage. At the same time, you have to be aware of the limitations of the machine when it comes to its snow cleaning capacity.

2. Design

The electric snow blower has a main body and a handle. The body includes the motor, auger and chute plus wheels. The motor is situated inside a casing which is designed to protect it from the elements and from direct contact with debris and other small objects which can be picked up together with the snow. The casing is typically made from tough polymer plastic, but it can be made from metal as well. The auger can be made from plastic or metal. The chute and the deflector attached to it and the wheels are typically made from plastic.

3. Operation

You can expect the electric snow blower to have a single stage operation. This is because the electric motor cannot produce enough power for the machine to process the snow at two stages. Let me illustrate how the single stage operation works. The auger breaks up the snow and scooped by the front part of the machine and throws it directly throw the chute.

The auger has another important function too. It propels the machine forward. The blades or peddles of the auger touch the grown to enable it to move. As a result, the auger may pick up and throw small debris such as stones and gravel pieces. That is why the single stage machines are recommended for use on paved surfaces only.

When the electric snow blower operates, it does not produce and release any harmful gases. It has no carbon footprint. It is environmentally friendly.

4. Steering

The compact and light electric machine is easy to steer. It has super maneuverability so making turns requires very little effort. At the same time, the wheels provide good traction and control. You will never have to worry about losing control over the machine.

5. Capabilities

The electric motor is not as powerful as the gas engine and this affects the capabilities of the electric machine but only to an extent. You can readily find an electric model which is capable of removing over 600 pounds of snow in a single minute. The important thing to look for is the cleaning path. The wider and deeper it is the better.

6. Maintenance

The electric motor does not require any maintenance which is not the case with its counterpart – the gas engine. It will operate effectively during its useful life without any care on your part. Of course, you will still have to take care of the snow blower as a whole. This involves cleaning it and tightening its nuts and bolts regularly.

7. Accessories

The electric snow blower requires a safe and reliable extension cord in order to get connected to the power supply in your home. The cord has to be suitable for outdoor use. It is purchased separately. The length of the extension cord will determine the cleaning range of the machine. The longer the cord is the better. It is a good idea to look for a machine which has a special feature for holding the cord. That way, it will not mess with your work.

A Final Word 

Now you are fully prepared to choose the ideal electric snow blower for you.

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