Aug 16

Let’s Have Some Fun with Your Snow Blower

What do you do after you are done removing the snow from your driveway and walkway? Many people would prefer to relax after using their snow blower for its main functional purpose. But why stop there? There is a lot more which you can do to make yourself and others happy.

I have a considerable experience in using snow blowers as the owner and manager of a family hotel in the mountains of British Columbia. Often, I employ creative ideas to offer even more fun experiences to my guests. I will share some of the best ideas with you here.

Snow Maze for the Kids

Fun Things To Do With The Snow BlowerOnce you are finished with the driveway and walkway on your property, you can readily make a snow maze. The bigger your backyard is the larger the maze will be. You simply have to use the snow blower to make the corridors of the maze. Try to blow the snow evenly on the two sides to create the maze walls. You can make the maze as complex as you like. You can readily hide small prizes in the furthest corners so that the kids can compete to find them.

It is best to use a two-stage snow blower for making the maze as the auger of such a machine will not touch the ground. This ensures that no debris will be blown out of the chute. You can use a single stage machine for the purpose as well, but you have to be extra careful and ensure that there are no people around you while you are doing the job.

Fun Snow Figures, Forts and Slides

What will you do with the snow which you have piled around the driveway and walkway? Here are some ideas which I find particularly fund. You can readily engage the whole family in the making of snow figures. You should certainly make a snowman in your yard, but you may want to employ some creativity as well. Making a polar bear, for instance, may turn out to be a bit more challenging, but it will be more fun as well.

The piled snow can be used for making a snow fort. There are special plastic tools for making blocks of snow which you can use. Then you have to construct the fort using the blocks. You do not have to be an engineering genius to build walls from three sides. You can readily build two forts with the kids and engage into a snowball fight.

Making a slide with the snow removed with the aid of the snow blower is easy. Just pile the snow to form a long and gentle slope. Then smoothen the top art using a shovel or a similar flat tool and the slide is ready.

Snow Blower Competition

Are you convinced that your snow blower is the best in the neighborhood? If so, you can readily challenge your neighbors and beat them in a fair competition. You can readily compete to clean a strip of sidewalk in or the driveways and walkways of the elderly in the neighborhood in the shortest possible time. That way, the competition will be for a good cause.

This fun activity takes time and effort to plan and organize, but the benefits will be for everyone to enjoy. You will have fun competing while helping the community. Your main task is to persuade other snow blower owners and users to participate. You will have to think of fair rules as well. In general, the more participants there are the more fun the competition will be. Furthermore, you will be able to help more people.

When organizing the competition, you have to take the safety factor into account. All participants must follow the safety rules. They should be extra vigilant when cleaning communal sidewalks and the traffic areas on other properties for pedestrians. It is a good idea to come up with some safety rules for the spectators of the competition as well.

Snow Blower Party

After the snow blower competition, you can readily organize a small party for the participants and for the neighborhood in general. Just lay some tables near the end of the finish line and ask your neighbors to bring some food and drinks. If everyone participates, the party will be easy to organize. Besides, you will have something to celebrate – a snow cleaning job well done.

It is now super easy to organize the neighbors to participate. You can rely on all modern methods for communication. It is best if there is someone who is responsible for coordinating the event. That way, everyone will know exactly what to bring, when and where.

In A Nutshell

There are many fun things which you can do with your snow blower within your family and in the community. Who says that the only fun thing to do in winter is eating cookies by the fireplace? Go out and have fun.

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