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Snow Blower Reviews: Husqvarna 1827EXLT Snow Thrower

Accumulated snow can be a huge problem for any household or business. I know this from experience as I run a small family hotel in the mountains of British Columbia in Canada. I have been using snow throwers for many years now and I’m proud to say that most of the machines which I have picked have been superb performers. This motivated me to share my knowledge and experience with others by reviewing the current top sellers. Here I present my review of the Husqvarna 1827EXLT 27-Inch 414cc SnowKing Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start, Power Steering & Trac Hydro Drive.

In this Husqvarna 1827EXLT two stage snow thrower review, I will evaluate the features of the model and its capabilities extensively. I will outline who it is suitable for as well. The list of pros and cons of the model which I will provide can be used as a tool for comparison. My conclusion will be based entirely on my personal opinion. You are the one who makes the final decision.

Husqvarna 1827EXLT Snow Thrower

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Product Description

Husqvarna 1827EXLT is a snow thrower with two stage operation. It is powered by a SnowKing OHV engine producing a gross of 18 pound-feet of torque. It has an electric start and heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission. It uses a Trac drive system. The trigger controlled power steering is another major feature.

The progressive stamped auger has heavy duty housing. It passes the snow to a high speed impeller. The drift cutters of the machine are adjustable. The clearing path of the model measures 27 inches in width and 23 inches in height. The comfort features of the machine include hand warmers and an LED headlight. Let’s take a look at each one in greater detail.


This two stage snow blower measures 52 by 27 by 42 inches and weighs 326 lbs. It is big and heavy and this is how it is supposed to be. I have to say that I didn’t expect less from such a beast.

The SnowKing gas engine of the model produces some 18 pound-feet of torque. It is quite powerful and excellently engineered. It works effectively and will have a long useful life with proper maintenance.

The electric start of the machine is one of the features which I like the most. You just need to connect it to a power outlet and push a button. You will never have to worry about dead battery and difficulties associated with cold weather. For me, this feature is a life saver.

The heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission is another feature of Husqvarna 1827EXLT which I appreciate quite a lot. It uses fluids instead of belts so it has much smoother operation. In addition to this, it requires less maintenance and has a longer useful life.

The power steering of the Husqvarna snow thrower gives it great maneuverability. You will be able to clear the snow from tight areas, go around obstacles like trees and overcome challenges like hills. The trigger control allows for convenience and comfort.

The Trac drive system may seem a bit strange on a snow thrower given that most machines for home use have wheels. However, this system allows for greater traction and allows the machine to operate in hilly areas and ones with considerable amounts of accumulated snow. Besides, the system of this model uses a specially designed tread pattern in order to reduce rolling vibration. This provides for even more comfort during operation.

The progressive stamped auger of Husqvarna snow blower crushed even wet and heavy snow and delivers is directly to the impeller. The adjustable drift cutters ensure that all the snow from the cleared path is picked up. The impeller’s high speed guarantees that the snow is discharged through the chute in seconds.

The chute of the model is adjusted remotely with a single-hand control and so is the deflector on top of it. You can readily make the adjustments while working. This will certainly boost your productive efficiency and add to your convenience.

The hand warmers may seem like a spoiling feature to some, but the reality is that they guarantee steady control over the machine no matter how long you work outdoors in the cold. The LED headlight allows you to clear the snow early in the morning or late in the evening no matter how dark it is outside.


The powerful engine, the two-stage operation and the clearing path of 27 by 23 inches allow Husqvarna 1827EXLT to clear very large areas effectively. It is capable of clearing driveways and walkways which are over 60 inches long. You can expect to get the job done efficiently and quickly without any hassle. It can work on flat and hilly terrains and on ones with obstacles.

The machine can work effectively on any surface including gravel. It machine can deal with very deep snow irrespective of its weight. It is capable of handling wet snow as well.


This 2 stage snow blower is suitable for individuals and businesses located in areas with moderate to heavy and frequent snow fall and owning properties with large outdoor areas. No matter what the nature of the cleared surface is, the machine can operate effectively and safely. Some effort is required for operating the machine so the operator has to be physically fit.


The benefits of the Husqvarna snowblower are:

  • Powerful
  • Easy to start and to steer
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Capable of dealing with all sorts of challenges
  • Fast and efficient snow clearing
  • Easily adjustable features
  • Hand warmth
  • You can operate it anytime of the day
  • Sturdy and durable


The drawbacks of the machine are:

  • Challenging assembly – The instruction manual is rather plain so you may need more information to get things done right. Even though the assembly may take longer than expected, you should be able to do a good job.
  • Controls layout is not conventional – If you have used another snow thrower before, you may need some time to adjust to the controls of this one.


Overall, this review finds the Husqvarna snow thrower to be a very good machine. It works perfectly in every respect. I would definitely recommend it for dealing with snow clearing challenges.

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