Mar 08

The Importance of Having a Good Quality Snow Blower

One of the main things to look for in a snow blower is quality. The machine may have all the necessary features plus excellent capabilities, but this does not mean that it will perform well in the short term and in the long term as well. Unfortunately, not all buyers realize the importance of quality for such a practical machine. That is why I decided to assists everyone with some practical information and advice based on my personal experience.

I have been using snow blowers for years to maintain the outdoor area of my small hotel in the mountains of British Columbia. I have to admit that many times I did not make the best choice. I had to learn how to pick the best quality machine the hard way, but you do not have to. Let me explain the difference between good quality and bad quality models.

The Importance of Having a Good Quality Snow BlowerReliable Motor/Engine

The electric motor or gas engine of a good quality snow blower will always produce the required amount of power and work to its maximum ability. That way, you will always be able to clean the snow efficiently and quickly. The motor/engine will work optimally in the long term because it has been designed masterfully and made from high quality materials. The maintenance, if required, will be easy and simple to do.

What happens if the motor/engine is not of good quality? It may not produce the amount of power required for the efficient cleaning of the snow. It may get easily damaged due to poor design and construction. A gas engine which is damaged and/or does not function properly can put the user of the machine and possibly others at risk. If the motor/engine has a short useful life, you may have to be forced to buy another snow blower soon. You would not want any of these things to happen.

Durable Construction

A good quality snow blower is durable and so are all of its parts. You can expect each feature of the machine to function properly every time you use it to clean the snow. The machine will not require any special care, maintenance and repairs, which are costly.

You can expect exactly the opposite from a poorly constructed snow blower. The belts may loosen. The blades of the auger may get worn out or chipped. The chute may freeze due to the low temperature and you will have to defrost it while working. If the body is poorly constructed, its panels may dent, chip, crack and eventually break. If the handle of the machine is flimsy, you may have trouble steering the machine. This also increases the risk of accidents. If the handle breaks, the machine may become unusable.

Good Performance

You can expect a good quality snow blower to scrape the snow from the surface completely. The auger will break the lumps of snow perfectly. The chute will expel the snow easily and quite far away from the cleaning path. The machine will work efficiently and you will clean all traffic areas on your property quickly and easily.

When the quality of the snow blower is not so good, you may have various difficulties with cleaning the snow. The machine may leave a good portion of the snow on the ground if its scoop and scraper bar are not designed properly. Lumps of wet snow may clog the auger and chute frequently. You will be forced to stop the machine, wait for its parts to stop working and then spend time unclogging the auger and/or chute. The snow cleaning may take you a long time and you may be forced to use a shovel in the end. Why go through all this hassle when you can have a machine which does the job perfectly in no time?

Easy Control and Steering

You will be able to steer a good quality snow blower and use its controls effectively no matter how strong, how tall or how skilled you are. The ergonomic handle allows you to have a good and comfortable hold of the machine. The wheels allow for good traction and good maneuverability at the same time. You can start the motor/engine with the push of a single button. You will not have to make many passes over an area in order to clean it.

The situation is completely different when the snow blower is not of particularly good quality. The steering handle may be slippery and/or uncomfortable. This, in turn, can make the steering more difficult and less safe. If the wheels are not well constructed and reliable, keeping control over the machine and turning it into different directions may prove to be quite difficult. If the start function is not well designed, you may have to use a lot of effort to start the engine.


Overall, a good quality snow blower will work efficiently and remain in good condition in the long term. You will not have any trouble using it and maintaining it. Your investment will pay off. If you put your money in a poor quality machine, you may have to buy a new one soon.

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