May 16

Snow Blower Reviews: Poulan Pro PR521 21-Inch 136cc Single Stage Snow Thrower

Poulan Pro PR521

Even though we love the way in which snow makes everything white and sparkly, we hate the fact that it blocks driveways, pathways, sidewalks and patios. The modern solution to this problem is the snow thrower which does the job while saving you time and effort. Now there are many different models, but this can …

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Apr 12

Snow Blower Reviews: Power Smart DB7651 Gas Powered 2-Stage Snow Thrower with Electric Start

Power Smart DB7651 Gas Snow Blower

If you want to get rid of the snow blocking the driveways and walkways on your property without wasting time and effort, you should definitely get a snow thrower and make snow shoveling a thing of the past. You can select from a wide variety of models available in the market so things can get …

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Mar 18

Snow Blower Reviews: Power Smart DB7659 Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower With Electric Start

Power Smart 7659 Snow Thrower

You have decided to get rid of the good old shovel which gives you back pain and to buy a snow thrower. The problem is that there are numerous products in the market and even a more experienced buyer can get confused. I know what it feels like to be stuck so I decided to …

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Feb 18

Snow Blower Reviews – How to Use Snow Blower Reviews to Make the Best Choice

Snow Blower Reviews

The best way to compare different models is to use snow blower reviews. You should certainly go over the product descriptions of the machines that you consider buying, but these are just facts and numbers. What you need is a thorough evaluation which comes from a person who has good understanding of snow blowers and …

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Jan 31

Snow Blower Reviews: GreenWorks 26022 10 Amp 16″ Corded Snow Thrower

GreenWorks 26022 Snow Shovel

Shoveling snow is certainly a thing of the past. It requires a lot of time and effort which the modern person can afford to spend on this task. For greater clearing efficiency, you need to use a snow thrower. I find my machine invaluable as I run a small family hotel in the mountains of …

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Jan 08

Snow Blower Reviews: Husqvarna 1830HV SnowKing Gas Powered Two Stage Snow Thrower

Husqvarna 1830HV 2 Stage Snow Blower

If you are stuck with a heavy pile of snow on your driveway, the good old shovel will simply not do. Of course, if you are prepared to spend nearly the whole day clearing the snow, you may want to stick to the good old tool. Still, I’d highly recommend that you get a snow …

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Dec 06

Snow Blower Reviews: Husqvarna 1827EXLT Snow Thrower

Husqvarna 1827EXLT Snow Thrower

Accumulated snow can be a huge problem for any household or business. I know this from experience as I run a small family hotel in the mountains of British Columbia in Canada. I have been using snow throwers for many years now and I’m proud to say that most of the machines which I have …

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Sep 20

Snow Thrower – Is Snow Thrower the Same Thing as a Snow Blower?

Snow Thrower

You know that the snow thrower is a machine which is used for removing snow. The same is true about the snow blower. If you look at machines labeled with the two different names, you will inevitably see the similarities especially in their features. It is natural to ask yourself whether these terms are used …

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Aug 30

Snow Blower Reviews: Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower

Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower

All children and most adults are truly happy when they see that it is snowing outside. However, there are also those of us who have to take care of cleaning the snow from the driveways and walkways of the property. I believe that the snow thrower is the ultimate tool for the job. It is …

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Aug 16

Let’s Have Some Fun with Your Snow Blower

Fun Things To Do With The Snow Blower

What do you do after you are done removing the snow from your driveway and walkway? Many people would prefer to relax after using their snow blower for its main functional purpose. But why stop there? There is a lot more which you can do to make yourself and others happy. I have a considerable …

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