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Snow Blower Reviews: Poulan Pro PR621 Gas Powered Single Stage Snow Thrower

Do you want to be able to clear the snow from your driveway in minutes when you are in a hurry to take your car out of the garage and go to work in the morning? This is perfectly possible with a snow thrower. These machines are truly wonderful and I strongly believe that they are useful for every household and business. I personally have experience in using a good number of models as I own and manage a small hotel in the mountains of British Columbia. This is the reason why I decided to help fellow buyers buy reviewing popular models. Here is the extensive review of the Poulan Pro PR621 21-Inch 208cc LCT gas powered single stage snow thrower.

I decided to review Poulan Pro PR621 because it is equipped with the largest engine in its class and combined power with compact size. I will evaluate the features and capabilities of this snow thrower and provide an overview of its benefits and drawbacks. The only advice I can give to you is to use all the information and advice provided below effectively so that you can pick the best machine and use it for a long time to come.

Poulan Pro PR621 Snow Thrower

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Product Description

The Poulan Pro PR621 snow thrower comes equipped with an OHV gas engine. It has a single stage operating system. This means that the auger breaks up the snow, picks it up and throws it through the chute. The main features of the machine include lightweight and sturdy body, wheels, composite scraper, adjustable chute, ergonomic steering handle and large recoil handle. Let’s now take a look at the features in greater detail.

Features of Poulan Pro PR621 Snow Thrower

The four-cycle OHV gas engine of Poulan PR621 has a displacement of 208cc. It is the largest for a snow thrower in this class, according to the manufacturer. The motor produces 9 pound-feet of torque. The engine is sufficiently large and powerful to do a good job. You can be certain that the machine will work effectively even if the snow is wet. Since the engine requires gas to work, you can expect the cost of operation to be fairly low.

The single stage snow thrower weight just 70 pounds. The small weight makes it more maneuverable and easy to handle even by people who are not particularly strong. The body and chute are made from high-density polyethylene. The structure of the machine is sturdy and resistant to impact. The welded steel frame and steel housing for protection of the auger are other notable features. Steel is not only strong. It is quite durable as well.

The auger is also made from steel and this makes Poulan Pro PR621 quite reliable. I am sure that you will use the machine for a long time to come. The ball-bearing supports add to the reliability and efficiency of the auger. The same is true for the blades made from rubber reinforced with special fibers.

The scraper bar is one very practical feature which this particular model has. The scraper works to remove snow from the ground so that the auger can break it and pick it up more easily.

The drive system of this Poulan Pro snow thrower is worth your attention as well. It is constructed to work efficiently without the use of cables and belts. This lowers the risk of breakages and eliminates the drive system maintenance work almost completely.

The chute of the machine is sufficiently high (13 inches) and wide to enable the throwing of considerable amounts of snow at a great distance. It can be rotated to 200 degrees so you have plenty of options for adjusting its position. The remote deflector can be adjusted manually at different levels.

The tires of the snow thrower make it more maneuverable and easier to control at the same time. They measure 7 by 2 inches. They are not particularly large but they allow the machine to work effectively even on steeper terrains with thicker snow.

The model has a recoil start. Turning the engine on is easy – you simply need to pull the large recoil handle upwards. I find this handle to be particularly convenient. The steering handle is large and has ergonomic design. This certainly makes steering more efficient and more comfortable as well.


Poulan PR621 uses a single stage snow cleaning system. The auger breaks up the snow, picks it up and throws it directly through the chute on the top of the machine. The auger touches the ground and this makes it safe to use on all kinds of paved surfaces but not on gravel ones as it may pick up small stones.

The width of the clearing path is 21 inches. The snow intake height is 13 inches. These numbers reveal that this model is suitable for cleaning areas with light to moderately heavy snow. In general, the cleaning width is good for a machine of this size. It will take you fewer passes to clean driveways and walkways.

The Poulan snow thrower will operate for one hour and forty-five minutes when its tank is full. This fuel efficiency is good for a machine of this size and capabilities.


The Poulan Pro PR621 snow thrower is suitable for properties with small to medium size and for areas where there is little or moderate snowfall during the winter months. The machine can be used by both households and businesses. Its compact and lightweight body and the ergonomic handle and wheels make it easy to use for any adult member of the household/company team. The machine is powerful so the job will be done fairly quickly.


The benefits of thisPoulan Pro single stage snow thrower are:

  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Maneuverable
  • Good energy efficiency


In my opinion, the drawbacks of this Poulan Pro snow thrower are:

  • The deflector is not easy to adjust when you wear gloves. You will have to take them off to get the setting as you want it. Still, I do not believe this is a major issue.
  • The chute’s position may change slightly during operation especially when there is strong wind. You may have to lock the chute into place one or two times during operation. Again, this is not a serious concern.


This review finds the Poulan Pro PR621 to be a good choice for the average user. It will give you what you want without high operating costs, maintenance and care.

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