Jul 17

Poulan Snow Blower – What You Should Know about the Range

If you compare products from different manufacturers, you will see that the Poulan snow blower models are among the toughest in the market. The company has established itself as a manufacturer of heavy duty machines for home use which can handle all kinds of challenges. Still, it is certainly worth learning more about the brand and its snow blowing machines before you go to a store and make a purchase.

In the following guide, I will provide information about the company and the Poulan snow blower range. I will also give an overview of the customer support and service of the company. I would like to point out that the guide has a purely informative nature. The more you know the better your purchase decision will be.

About Poulan

Poulan is a company which specializes in the production of heavy duty machines for home use. Their product range includes lawn mowers, riding mowers, trimmers, chain saws and snow blowers. The company has established itself as one of the leaders in the market for heavy duty snow blowing machines. The models of the brand are known for their power and large capabilities. They are part of a single product line. Currently, there are six different models in production.

Poulan Snow Blower Types

The Poulan snow blower range includes machines with gas engine online. There are no models with electric motors in the product line of the brand. This comes to suggest that each machine from the company requires regular additional of oil and fuel. Oil has to be changed seasonally. The seasonal change of the spark plug is recommended as well.

Poulan Single Stage Snow Blower

In the range, you will find both single stage and two-stage Poulan snow blowers. The single stage models are fairly compact. They have just one stage of operation as their name suggests. The auger breaks the snow and throws it through the chute. The auger is also responsible for propelling the machine forward while the wheels provide traction and better control. One interesting thing to note is that the single stage machines from Poulan are not less powerful than their two-stage counterparts in the range. Still, they have a smaller cleaning path which is up to 13 inches deep and up to 21 inches wide, according to the manufacturer.

Poulan Two-Stage Snow Blower

The two-stage Poulan snow blower machines are comparable to their single stage counterparts in terms of power, but they are much bigger and tougher and have greater cleaning capabilities. The two-stage models have self driven wheels which work to propel the machine in the desired direction. The job of the auger involves breaking the snow and delivering it to the impeller. This is the first stage of operation of the machine. During the next stage, the impeller sucks the snow inside and blows it through the chute. Since, the two-stage machines are not propelled by the auger and it does not touch the ground, they are safe to use on non-paved as well as on paved surfaces.

The two-stage Poulan machines have a cleaning path which is as high as 23 inches and as wide as 30 inches. Their large wheels with heavy-duty tires allow them to overcome all kinds of terrains. Most of the two-stage models from the brand’s range have power steering for even better control, maneuverability and productive efficiency.

Customer Support and Service

The Poulan snow blower comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. In order to be able to use the warranty, you must register your product with the company. This will give you access to exclusive guides, tutorials and videos which are quite useful.

The customer service provided on the website of the company is standard and very basic. You can read and download product manuals. There is also a FAQ section. If you need direct assistance, you will have to contact one of the deals of the brand in your local area. The lack of direct contact with the manufacturer is certainly not a good thing. I am sure that you will agree with me on this.

Original spare parts can be purchased both online and from the local dealers of the company. Information and advice on the purchase and use of parts is available online.

A Final Word

This information should be sufficient for you during your shopping. It is equally important for you to evaluate the different Poulan snow blower models and use detailed reviews on them.

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