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Snow Blower Reviews: Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch 208cc LCT Gas Powered Two-Stage Snow Thrower

The tough situations require reliable and effective professional solutions. If there is a heavy snow fall in your area and/or if you have a large property with long and wide driveways and walkways, you should certainly consider a professional snow thrower. I have experience with such machines as I clear the snow from the outdoor traffic areas, which are part of my small family hotel in the mountains of British Columbia. I thought it would be a good idea to assist fellow buyers with choosing the right product for them. I decided to review some popular models. Here is my review of the Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch 208cc LCT gas powered two-stage snow thrower.

In this objective review of the Poulan Pro PR624ES snow thrower, I will assess the features and capabilities of the machine and summarize its pros and cons. My aim is to help buyers pick the best product for their needs. In general, Poulan is a brand which is known for its good quality products so it is natural to expect superb features and excellent performance. Let’s see if this model can offer this.

Poulan Pro PR624ES Snow Thrower Reviews

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Product Description

The Poulan Pro PR624ES is a powerful heavy-duty machine with a wide and high cleaning path. Its main features include a gas-powered OHV engine, heavy duty tires, an electric start, headlight and adjustable controls and ergonomic handles. It uses a two-stage system for operation. Now I will evaluate the features and capabilities of the model in greater detail.

Features of the Poulan Pro PR624ES Snow Thrower

The OHV LCT engine with displacement of 208 cc is certainly one of the most notable features of the Poulan Pro PR624ES snow thrower. It runs on gas and has a standard speed drive. You can be certain that this motor will perform excellently and remain in good condition for years to come. The fact that this powerful motor uses gas is certainly beneficial. You will certainly be able to keep the cost of operating the machine down.

This snow thrower has both an electric and recoil start. The electric one is super easy to use. All you need to do is to press a button. The motor will star working without priming. The recoil start serves as a useful backup.

The auger of Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch 208cc has an extra impeller. This allows the machine to work even more efficiently even when there is a thick layer of snow. The snow is picked up faster and blown out of the chute at a greater distance. I appreciate highly this particular feature. A skid plate which is adjustable is another notable feature. It allows you to adjust the level of the scraper bar in line with the type of surface which you are cleaning. This improves the cleaning efficiency of the machine further and protects its parts at the same time.

The discharge chute and deflector can be adjusted as needed with the use of a remote control panel. This is particularly convenient and saves you time and effort. The chute can be cleaned very quickly with the integrated tool especially designed for the purpose.

The machine is equipped with heavy-duty tires which are 13 inches deep and 5 inches wide. You can be certain that the snow thrower will work on all kinds of terrains irrespective of how thick the snow is.

Poulan Pro PR624ES has a variety of controls, which are very well set and efficient, in my opinion. The drive speed lever is easy to reach and to use with one hand. It controls the speed of the snow thrower as well as the direction in which it runs. With the traction drive lever, you have complete control over the use of the drive system.

Other features of the control panel include auger operation controls and controls for setting the angle and direction of the deflector. The panel is fairly compact. It is situated between the handles so it is easy and convenient to use. The ergonomic handles are comfortable and allow for a firm grip.


The two-stage snow removal system of this Poulan Pro snow thrower works efficiently. The auger breaks the snow and the impeller sucks it in so that it can be blown out of the chute. This system makes the snow thrower more efficient in handling heavy snow masses and wet snow. It is also capable of cleaning larger areas with fewer passes. The auger of the two-stage system does not touch the ground and this makes the machine particularly versatile. It can be used on all kinds of surfaces from smooth ones such as concrete to rough ones such as gravel.

The cleaning path of this model is 24 inches wide and 23 inches high. This means that the machine can handle moderate to heavy snow which is up to 23 inches high. This is a highly valuable capability especially for people like me who live in areas with frequent heavy snowfalls.


The versatility of this Poulan snow thrower makes is suitable for all kinds of properties. It is a great choice for families who live in homes with large outdoor areas and long driveways and walkways. It is also suitable for businesses with premises that have large yards such as factories and warehouses. This machine can handle heavy snowfalls so it will certainly do the job irrespective of what the climate in your area is.


Here is the list of benefits of Poulan Pro PR624ES which I managed to find:

  • Versatile and reliable
  • Highly efficient
  • Excellent user control
  • Easy to assemble and to use
  • Low operating costs
  • Durable
  • Two-year limited warranty


The things which I did not like much about this model are:

  • The handles are a bit small – This may cause a little bit of discomfort for people with bigger hands, but this is not a major issue, in my opinion. You will still be able to handle and steer the machine effectively and with ease.
  • It may leave a bit of snow on gravel surfaces – This is due to the fact that the auger does not touch the ground. For me, this is not a serious problem as the gravel path will still be very clean and both people and vehicles will be able to move on it with ease.


This review highly recommends the Poulan Pro PR624ES 24-Inch 208cc LCT gas powered two-stage snow thrower. It is efficient, versatile, reliable and durable.

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