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Snow Blower Reviews: Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower

Using a shovel to remove snow from driveways and walkways is not only old-fashioned. It is time consuming and effort consuming and not particularly efficient. Based on personal experience, I can safely say that a snow thrower saves you all the hassle and gives you perfectly clean traffic areas in no time. I have a small family hotel in the mountains of British Columbia and I have been using such machines for many years now. I though it would be a good idea to review some of the current best sellers using my knowledge and experience. Use this review of the Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp electric snow thrower with headlight to decide if it is right for you.

You will be able to evaluate and compare Snow Joe SJ621 to other snow throwers using this detailed and objective review. I will assess the features and capabilities of the product and give you a list of its pros and cons. I am certain that you will find this review quite useful.

Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower

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Product Description

The Snow Joe SJ621 electric snow blower has a 13.5-amp electric motor and works with a single-stage system for snow cleaning. Its main features include electric start, steel rotor and adjustable chute and deflector made form strong plastic. The other important features which I will discuss here are the front halogen light, the pivot wheels, controls and handle.

Features of the Snow Joe SJ621 Electric Snow Thrower

The motor is the primary feature of this Snow Joe electric snow thrower which deserves your full attention when it comes to evaluating the machine. The 13.5-amp electric motor is quite powerful and performs quite well. The fact that it runs on electricity automatically brings you a number of benefits. The motor and respectively the machine will be easier to care for and manage.

The start is also made easier and quicker at the same time thanks to the Instant Start technology. You simply need to push the small button positioned right under the steering handle and the motor will start working. This sort of convenience is certainly something that I highly appreciate.

The rotor of this snow thrower is made from heavy-duty steal. Hence, you can expect it to remain in perfect condition for quite a long time and to continue to perform well even after years of use. The four blades of the rotor break the snow well and pick it up effectively. The rotor is assisted by another highly practical feature – the scraper, which scrapes the snow and makes it easier to remove.

The chute of Snow Joe SJ621 Snow Joe electric snow blower can be rotated to 180 degrees. You can adjust it easily to the ideal position which you require using the lever while you work. The lever which rotates the chute is right under the handle of the machine so it can be used quite conveniently. You do not have to stop your work in order to change the direction in which the snow is thrown.

The chute is equipped with a deflector whose level you can adjust fairly easily as well. You can choose the snow to be thrown high or low or set the position of the deflector somewhere in between.

The halogen light attached to the front part of the electric snow thrower is one of the particularly useful features which many of its counterparts do not have. The 20-watt light is strong enough to light your way when you are cleaning the snow from driveways and walkways and it is dark outside. Since the winter season has more dark hours, I am sure that you will find the light quite functional especially in the early morning and in the evening.

The wheels of this Snow Joe snow blower are built into the body of the machine so it remains compact while gaining considerable maneuverability. The ergonomic steering handle is another feature which gives you firmer control over the machine plus comfort and convenience when you are using it. You will certainly find the snow thrower easy to steer. Thanks to its well designed compact and light body, the unit is easy to handle, to move from one place to another and to store.


The powerful motor of Snow Joe SJ621 allows it to move up to 650 pounds of snow in a single minute. This is a superb achievement for such a small and compact machine. I am certain that you will clean all traffic areas on your property quite quickly.

The cleaning path of this snow blower is 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. These numbers reveal good performance. You will be able to clean traffic areas covered with light to moderately heavy snow with fewer passes. According to the manufacturer, you will be able to clear an area of 2,450 square feet within one hour when using the machine. This is good performance, indeed.

This model operates on the basis of a single-stage system. The rotor breaks the snow and throws it out of the chute. In this case, the blades touch the ground. This is not an issue in case of paved services. However, if there is a gravel surface, the system may pick up small stones and throw them through the chute and this is potentially dangerous.


The Snow Joe SJ621 snow thrower can be used in areas with light to moderately heavy snow and on all kinds of flat paved surfaces. Both households and businesses can take advantage of this machine which performs well and saves you time and effort. The machine is easy to handle even for people who are not particularly strong. This means that anyone in the family or company will be able to clean the snow with ease.

Snow Joe Snow Blower ReviewsPros

The most notable benefits of Snow Joe SJ621 are:

  • Compact and light
  • Efficient
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Easy to start and to operate
  • Requires only basic care and maintenance
  • Full two-year warranty


The drawbacks of the model which I identified are:

  • The electric cord which delivers power to the unit may get disconnected from time to time due to strong vibration. This happens rarely, so the issue is not serious, in my opinion. Using a longer cord may help solve the problem completely.
  • You may have to brush the light from time to time when using the machine as it may get covered with snow. Again, this is not a major problem. You simply need to remove the sticky snow by hand.


Overall, this review concludes that the Snow Joe SJ621 18-Inch 13.5-Amp electric snow thrower with headlight is a good choice. It is a small yet powerful unit which does a good job. It is versatile and convenient to use.

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