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Snow Blower Reviews – How to Use Snow Blower Reviews to Make the Best Choice

The best way to compare different models is to use snow blower reviews. You should certainly go over the product descriptions of the machines that you consider buying, but these are just facts and numbers. What you need is a thorough evaluation which comes from a person who has good understanding of snow blowers and has had personal experience with the respective model or models.

What do you do after you have come across objective and reliable snow blower reviews? Many people would just scan a couple of details or go directly to the pros and cons and the conclusion. I would not recommend this. If you know how to read snow thrower reviews and to pinpoint the important details, you will make an effective comparison and eventually an excellent choice. Let me help you with reading and using reviews on such machines.

Snow Blower Reviews


The first and most important thing to look for in snow blower reviews is the evaluation of the electric motor or gas engine of the machine. Pay attention to the amperes of the electric motor and to its reliability and durability. Look for a machine with a motor which is easy to start and works reliably.

If the evaluated snow thrower has a gas engine, you should check how many work cycles it has. The machines with 4-cycle engines are typically recommended because they are easier to maintain. The 2-cycle engine requires the mixing of oil and fuel and this can be a complex task for those without previous experience in this type of maintenance.

Find out more about the start of the gas engine when going through snow thrower reviews. The traditional recoil start requires some effort to put the engine to work especially in adverse weather conditions. The electric start, on the other hand, works quickly and easily. It allows you to start the engine without much hassle.


The thorough snow blower reviews typically discuss the auger, chute and deflector, wheels and steering handle and additional practical features, if any. The auger’s size and the number of blades/paddles which it has are important factors that you need to pay attention to. They will give you an idea of how effective the machine is in breaking up the snow. The most essential factor to consider, however, is the make of the auger. The metal augers are more durable and reliable than the plastic ones. If you go for a machine with a plastic auger, you may have to replace it at one point.

The chute and deflector are almost always made from plastic so you need to look into other factors when going over their evaluation. In the snow blower reviews, you will find information on the rotation range and adjustment of the chute and on the adjustment of the reflector. These tasks should be done easily and quickly. You should be able to set the position of the chute while working. This is an important convenience capability.

The wheels should provide good traction and give you greater control over the machine. When going through snow thrower reviews, you should look into the evaluation of the depth and width of the wheels. Check the assessment of the steering handle as well. It is best if it is ergonomic, non-slippery, adjustable and comfortable.

Snow Thrower Reviews


One of the most important things to look for in snow blower reviews is the cleaning path. Pay attention to its width and to its depth, in particular. The review should explain what kinds of snow cover and snowfall the machine can handle. It is essential that you compare this information with the snowfall patterns in your area. If the review says that the machine can remove snow which is mild to moderately heavy and your area gets a lot of snow during the winter, then this model is certainly not the ideal one for you.

Other capabilities such as the snow blowing distance are also important. The greater the distance is the better. If the manufacturer provides data on the amount of snow the machine can remove per minute, then this is a useful criterion for evaluation. Still, you need to keep in mind that this figure is just an average. The machine’s capacity may be affected by various other factors such as the thickness and wetness of the snow cover and the weather conditions.

A Final Word

Use snow blower reviews effectively and you will eventually buy the best machine for you.

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