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Snow Blower Reviews: Snow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower

All children and most adults are truly happy when they see that it is snowing outside. However, there are also those of us who have to take care of cleaning the snow from the driveways and walkways of the property. I believe that the snow thrower is the ultimate tool for the job. It is more efficient and easier to use compared to a shovel. I have long-term experience in using such machines as an owner of a family hotel in the mountains of British Columbia. That is why I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the most popular products in the market including the Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower.

What I want to do with this review of Snow Joe Snow Blower is to help fellow buyers make the best choice for them. I will evaluate the features and capabilities of the model and identify its major benefits and drawbacks. Hopefully, my objective review will be of great use to you.

Snow Joe SJ620

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Product Description

The Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch 13.5-Amp Electric Snow Thrower has a single-stage system for operation just like all of its electric counterparts. The main features of the machine include a rotor, chute with deflector, wheels and steering handle. Its capabilities are comparable to those of other models in the same class.


The 13.5-amp motor of the Snow Joe SJ620 uses electricity in order to run. The motor is powerful enough to allow the machine to remove good amounts of snow. In fact, I have noticed that the machine is a bit more powerful compared to most of the models in its class.

There are several benefits that you will enjoy as a user due to the use of an electric motor. Firstly, the start is a breeze as you will simply have to use a switch. The motor will start working immediately without any effort on your part. Another benefit of the electric motor is that it requires virtually no maintenance. I appreciate this quite a lot as I hate getting dirty while trying to add oil and fuel.

The rotor of the Snow Joe snow blower has blades designed to break the snow and pick it up so that it can be ejected through the chute. The blades do a good job even when the snow is wet and heavy. I can explain this not only with the masterful design but also with the construction of the blades. They are made from heavy-duty steel. This makes them particularly strong, durable and weather-resistant.

The rotor of the snow blower gets assistance from the scraper blade underneath it. The blade is attached to the front of the scooping part of the machine and it scrapes the snow from the ground. The scraper does an excellent job especially on flat smooth surfaces such as concrete ones.

The rotation range of the chute of Snow Joe is standard – 180 degrees. The tube can be adjusted to any position with the use of the lever whose handle is right underneath the steering handle. The position of the plastic deflector can be adjusted as well. With this, you will determine the position of the snow stream which is ejected out of the chute. You can pick any stream level from low to high.

The pivot wheels of this electric snow thrower are positioned at the back of the unit. They give you perfect control and make the machine a lot more maneuverable. Besides, they help it overcome all kinds of obstacles on the way. The height-adjustable steering handle also helps you get firm control over the machine. You can set it in line with your height and this is quite convenient. The ergonomic design of the handle makes steering the machine easy and comfortable.


The Snow Joe snow blower is quite compact and light but this may only give you the wrong impression when it comes to evaluating its cleaning capabilities. This small guy has a cleaning path which is 18 inches wide and 10 Snow Joe Snow Blowerinches deep. This is actually the typical cleaning path for a machine in this class. You can be certain that this model can handle mild to moderately heavy snow. I am sure that it can handle tougher snow fall as well, if the need arises. It will do a good job even if it takes more time.

This model can move up to 650 pounds of snow per minute, according to the manufacturer. This is a superb capability for such a small machine and proves that it can handle heavier snow, if necessary. This capability also shows that you will be able to get the snow cleaning job done fairly quickly and with fewer passes and less effort. I find this to be an invaluable benefit.

Just like all electric snow throwers, Snow Joe has single stage operation. This means that the rotor breaks the snow, picks it up and expels it through the chute. The rotor also touches the ground and may pick small stones in case of a gravel surface. These stones become dangerous when they are expelled through the chute. Hence, it is best to use this machine on smooth paved surfaces only.


Snow Joe SJ620 is suitable for areas with mild to moderate snow falls which are not particularly frequent. Due to its compact size and easy operation, any adult can use it irrespective of their age and strength. The good capabilities of the machine make it suitable for cleaning both small and large traffic areas. This makes it a possible choice for households and for businesses as well.

ProsSnow Joe SJ620 Electric Snow Thrower

What I like about commercial snow blower is its:

  • Compactness and lightness
  • Ease of use
  • Efficient operation
  • Quiet operation
  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • 2-year warranty


What I do not particularly like about this snow thrower:

  • Wet snow can build up inside the chute and clog it. This is generally a problem which occurs only when the snow is wet. The best way to solve it is to turn the machine off and clean the chute with an appropriate brush.
  • It is a bit annoying to adjust the cord while using the machine. However, this is a general issue for all electric models. Besides, you get used to handling the cord as you work.


Overall, this review finds the Snow Joe SJ620 18-inch 13.5-amp electric snow thrower to be an excellent choice. It offers the perfect combination between compactness and power. It performs reliably while being durable.

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