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Snow Blower Reviews: Snow Joe SJ623E Ultra Electric Snow Blower with Light

If you hate the way in which snow blocks your entire house, then it’s high time you got a well working snow thrower that can help you get rid of the blockade in minutes. You can select from a huge variety of models and this can cause confusion rather than making things easier. I’ve been in this situation so I decided to help buyers like me make the right choice by reviewing the top sellers at the moment. I base all my reviews on my individual experience and knowledge. I have been using such machines to maintain the outdoor areas of my hotel in the mountains of British Columbia for many years now. Here I will present my review of the Snow Joe SJ623E Ultra Electric Snow Blower with light.

In this Snow Joe SJ623E snow thrower review, I will go over the features and capabilities of the model and evaluate them in detail. You can rely on me being objective and as thorough as possible. I will answer the question of who the machine is suitable for. I will sup up the pros and cons of the model in a list. You will certainly be able to decide on this unit after reading my conclusion.

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Snow Joe SJ623E is a snow thrower with a single stage operation. It is auger-driven. It is powered by a 15-amp electric motor, which sources power from an electric grid via a cord. The machine has an electric start and a safety switch button. The auger consists of four steel blades. It has plastic housing. The chute can be manually and remotely adjusted within a range of 180 degrees. The deflector can also be adjusted manually. Other notable features include compact wheels, ergonomic grip handle and 20-watt halogen light on top of the auger’s housing.

The machine’s clearing path is 18 by 10 inches. It can cut through 720 pounds of snow per minute. Its maximum snow discharge distance is 25 feet.

Features of the Snow Joe SJ623E Ultra Electric Snow Blower with Light

The weight of Snow Joe SJ623E is 34 pounds. It is quite light and compact. This makes it easy to store and to take out of the garage when it has to be used. This adds to its maneuverability as well. You can expect to operate it without much effort.

The 15-amp electric motor of this Snow Joe electric snow thrower provides a good amount of torque to the auger. It is not the most powerful motor in the world, but it is a good performer. The reliable construction and design of the motor ensure its effective operation in the short run and in the long run as well. Generally, the advantages of an electric motor include no maintenance, clean operation with no exhaust fumes and less vibration and noise.

The electric start of Snow Joe SJ623E allows you to start the engine instantly without any effort irrespective of how cold it is outside. I like this kind of convenience quite a lot.

This Snow Joe electric snow thrower has corded operation. The cord restricts its range somewhat but it can always be extended if you need to reach places further away from the source of power. The Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E has a special lock which ensures that the cord will not get in the way. Still, this should not make you less vigilant when you work with the unit.

The safety switch button is an invaluable feature, at least for me. I am sure that just like me you would want to be certain that kids will not accidently switch the machine on and risk an injury.

The sturdy steel construction of the 4 blades of the auger guarantees their durability. They will not bend or chip even if you accidently bump into a hard object. Generally, the auger crushes the snow effectively and throws it up the chute fast.

The chute of Snow Joe SJ623E Ultra electric snow blower with light has 180-degree range and this makes the machine quite flexible when it comes to clearing snow close to outdoor objects and the neighbor’s yard. You can adjust it remotely with the use of a lever without interrupting your work. I find this quite convenient. The deflector can also be adjusted manually to determine the height of the snow discharge. For this, you will have to stop working, however.

The wheels of this Snow Joe Ultra snow thrower improve its maneuverability greatly. The ergonomic handle allows for a more secure and more comfortable grip at the same time. The 20-watt halogen light is sufficiently strong to allow you to use the machine for clearing snow anytime of the day during the winter months.


The clearing path of Snow Joe SJ623E is 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep. This allows the machine to clear snow which is not particularly deep from a medium-sized area with a few passes. The machine’s per minute capacity of 720 pounds allows it to do the snow clearing job efficiently and quickly. You will be able to clear great amounts of snow fast. The maximum discharge distance of 25 feet guarantees that snow thrown through the chute will never get back to the cleared surface.

Snow Joe SJ623E


This single stage snow thrower can be used for clearing the snow from medium-sized to large traffic areas like driveways and walkways. It can be used only on surfaces which are flat, hard and smooth. It is not to be used on gravel and dirt surfaces. It is suitable for places which get light to moderate snow fall. It can be operated by a person with any level of physical fitness.


The benefits of Snow Joe SJ623E are:

  • Compact and light
  • Good snow clearing capabilities
  • Easy to start and to use
  • Clean and green operation
  • Basic maintenance only
  • Can be used at any time of the day
  • Reliable and durable
  • 2-year full warranty


 The drawbacks of this Snow Joe 15 amp snow thrower are:

  • Cord management requires time to get used to – After using the machine for a few times, you will get used to keeping an eye on the cord.
  • If the snow is very wet it may clog the chute – This rarely happens, but I thought I should mention it.


The conclusion of this review is that the Snow Joe SJ623E ultra electric snow blower with light is a great machine in every respect. It does its job perfectly at all times. It is simple to use and easy to maintain. It is certainly recommended.

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