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What Is So Special About Snow Blower?

Traditions are inseparable part of our lives. Many of us are used to taking the shovel and cleaning the snow from the driveway and walkway after the first snowfall. It is a habit, which has turned into a tradition, which, in turn, is passed from one generation to the next. It is natural for those who stick to this tradition to ask what the big fuss about the snow blower is.

The reality is that this piece of technology does not terminate the tradition of snow cleaning. It simply makes the task easier, simpler and much quicker to complete. I speak from experience as I have been using machines of this type to remove snow from the traffic areas which are part of my hotel in the mountains of British Columbia for years. Read on to find out what is really special about the snowblower. I am sure that you will be convinced of its benefits and advantages.

Cleverly Designed

What Is So Special About Snow Blower?The snow blower has a specifically designed part for every stage of the snow cleaning process. The front part is in the form of a scoop which picks up a considerable amount of snow every minute. The scoop is equipped with a scrape bar which scrapes the snow from the surface efficiently. Once the snow mass is inside the scoop, it is immediately broken into smaller pieces by the blades of the auger. Then it goes into the chute from where it is blow out. All of these functions are performed in seconds.

There are seemingly small things in the design of the snow thrower that make it even more practical and efficient. The chute is topped by a reflector which determines the level of the snow stream. With this feature, you can set the precise area where the cleaned snow will get accumulated. The chute’s position can be set remotely with the use of a lever positioned underneath the steering handle. This means that you do not have to stop working to adjust the chute.

Productively Efficient

The snowblower can remove large amounts of snow and clean large areas in a super short period of time. This makes it the most productively efficient solution for snow cleaning. Let me support this statement with facts. A budget model with an averagely powerful motor can remove some 700 pounds of snow per minute while weighing just 26 pounds. It blows the snow to a distance of 30 feet. It can clear an area of over 2000 square feet within an hour. You will get the snow job done in minutes and the traffic areas on your property will be perfectly clean.

Cost Efficient

The snow blower aka snow thrower can use either electricity or gas to run. Here you may say that both of these power sources cost money while using a snow shovel does not cost anything. This is certainly true, but it is important to look at things from a wider perspective. Since you will do the job in minutes other than in hours, you can expect to use very little energy/gas. You will see that your utility/gas expenses will not rise significantly even if you use the machine frequently.

Furthermore, when you save time, you save money. You will never be late for work because it has been snowing all night. You will have sufficient time to do all sorts of other tasks from grocery shopping to picking the kids from school.

Effortless Steering

You simply need to get behind the snowblower, grab the steering handle and turn the motor/engine on. The next step is to steer the machine in the right direction. It is as simple as this. The wheels behind the scoop part provide excellent traction and give you perfect control over the machine.

You will never have to use effort for steering. This gives the snow blower a universal appeal. Snow removal is no longer a task for tough men only. Anyone can do it irrespective of their strength and skills.

Intuitive Controls

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to be able to use the snow blower. There is a level for adjusting and locking the position of the chute. You simply need to turn it into the desired direction. The deflector is typically adjusted with the use of a handle and a simple mechanism for locking it in place. If you use a larger two-stage machine, you will be able to control the direction and speed using a joystick. Even if you have no previous experience with this kind of control, you will be able to start using it intuitively right from the start.


I am sure that every person who uses a snow blower finds something special in their machine that they particularly like. I personally like the fact that the machine helps me deliver the best service to my guests and this makes everyone happy.

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