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Toro Snow Blower – A Guide to the Toro Snow Blower Range

Buying a product from an established manufacturer is an effective way to get a good value for your money. This explains why many people are considering the purchase of a Toro snow blower. The brand has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing of DIY machines for snow cleaning. The good name is certainly a good reason for buying a product from the brand. However, it is always best to learn more.

In this guide, I will present the company and its product in greater detail. I will also discuss all aspects related to customer support such as warranties, manuals and guides and availability of spare parts. When you are well informed, you will certainly be able to make a good decision on the purchase of a Toro snow blower.

Toro Snow Blower

About Toro

At present, the company Toro is one of the leaders in the market for snow blowing machines. It has long term traditions in the manufacturing of professional machines for the maintenance of grass sports fields. The Toro snow blower line is more recent, but the manufacturer has already gained a leading position in the industry. The machines made by the company are recognized for their efficiency, reliability and durability.

The three current snow blower lines of the company are Power Curve, Power Clear and Power Max. All types of machines are presented in these lines. It is worth looking at the available products in greater detail.

Toro Power Curve Snow Blower

Toro Snow Blower Types

The Power Curve line offers one stage electric snow blowers. These machines use an electric motor to run. This makes them the least powerful in the range of models offered by the company. Still, this does not mean that they are not capable of doing the job well. The Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Power Curve snow blower, for instance, can remove up to 700 pounds of now per minute. It can deal with a snowfall which is up to 12 inches deep.

The Power Clear line has single stage Toro snow blower machines with gas engines. These machines are more powerful than their electric counterparts. They are bigger and have a wider and deeper cleaning path as well. However, they still have single stage operation. This means that the auger is used for propelling the machine forward while the wheels are used to provide better traction and control. If such a machine is used on gravel or other non-paved surface, it may pick up small pieces of material and expel them through the chute.

The Power Max line includes two-stage snow blower machines with gas engines. These are true tanks, as professionals like to call them. The two-stage machines are bigger and much more powerful than their counterparts. They operate at two stages. Firstly, the auger breaks the snow and delivers it to the impeller. Then the impeller sucks it in and blows it through the chute.

The two stage machines have greater cleaning capacity and a much wider and deeper cleaning path. They have driven wheels which propel them forward and backward as well. The auger does not touch the ground.

Customer Support

You can expect a Toro snow blower to come with a 2 year full warranty. This is the standard type of warranty provided by the manufacturer. It will cover both the labor and spare parts required for a repair, if it becomes necessary. In order to be able to make full use of the warranty, you need to register it on the official website of the company.

The company makes genuine replacement parts for all of its products including its snow blowers. They are available through online stores and local dealers. It should not be difficult for you to find a spare part.

The online customer support resources and services are comparable to those of other major equipment manufacturers. You can download Toro snow blower guides and manuals. There is a section with frequently asked questions. You can contact the company directly only via email. Direct phone numbers are not provided and this is a drawback, in my opinion. Still, you can contact local dealers directly.

In Conclusion

You are now equipped with general information which can help you decide on the purchase of a Toro snow blower. It is essential to evaluate the different models on their own merits and to compare them. Go through reviews of Toro snow blower and consider your individual needs and requirements.

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